A discussion on the american football league

What happens next should be obvious: What if you have a player under contract, he gets hurt there? This will affect the CFL big time.

A discussion on the american football league

I respectfully ask that each of you reflect on the great team-mates who shared the field with you, as well as the worthy opponents you faced in those AFL years.

Many of them ALSO deserve to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, but have unfairly been categorized as having played in an inferior league. These include, but are not limited to Johnny Robinsonwho has better statistics and more championships than some other defensive backs of his era who have been enshrined - Robinson should have been inducted inas soon as he was eligible; Abner Haynes All-time AFL all-purpose yards ; Gino Cappelletti All-time AFL scoring ; John Hadlhalf of that tremendous aerial attack with Alworth; Lionel Taylor first receiver in Professional Football history to catch passes in a season ; Charlie Hennigan first to break Taylor's record; held many Professional Football receiving records for 35 years after his retirement ; Daryle Lamonica 2nd-best to Otto Graham in quarterback won-lost percentage ; and defensive stars like Ron McDolewhose unit did not allow a rushing touchdown for seventeen straight games, a record that still stands.

I could name many more who have been excluded because they played in the wrong league. I ask that you, the AFL Alumni in the Hall of Fame, as a group, lobby that institution to emulate the Baseball Hall of Fame's action when it recognized an injustice and inducted a number of Negro Leagues players at the same time.

If "senior" players can be inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame only two at a time, it is unlikely that many of those deserving AFL stars will be inducted before they die. It would have been nice to have done this for the AFL's 50th Anniversary Season, but better late than never.

He glanced at some mail on a small table in an ante room. When he saw the return address on each of the six identical white business envelopes, he did a double take.

A discussion on the american football league

Each man is president of a franchise in the American Football League. The Super Fan is hardly a rare species. He may sit in your section of the stadium, cranking an objectionable siren or blowing an obnoxious horn. There is a fellow in Oakland who cranked his ear-splitting whistle all through the Raiders' record-setting game losing streak in He may be a "foster parent" to the players, wining and dining them at considerable expense to himself.

The Super Fan may be a tireless traveler, following the team from coast to coast. Slim Leslie, a South Buffalonian who works for the telephone company, used to spend his entire vacations on the asphalt apron of the Camelot Inn parking lot, watching the Bills belt each other around their training camp.

He wouldn't be caught dead with a siren. The only player he ever knew well was Ernie Warlick, who lived a couple doors away until recently. Coniglio's driven to Rochester and Cleveland for a couple of exhibition games, but that's all. The only time he watched workouts was when his job took him to the Niagara Power Project and the Bills drilled next door at Niagara University.

What Coniglio does is write letters.

Plays and play styles

Buffalo sports writers are his special target. A note from A. His most cordial pen pal is Phil Ranallo. But even "Honest Harry" Ranallo hung up a telephone on Ange in the midst of a heated discussion over the new domed stadium. But Coniglio's points of order, bits of advice and bones of contention are not meant strictly for local consumption.

Not long ago he scored a grand slam. There is an oversupply of letter senders who regularly expend extravagant amounts of invective upon politicians, the press, etc. They are universally regarded as cranks. Coniglio is no crank.

What makes him different is the sweet reason and intelligence with which he states his case.High school, college, and professional football. Alright, so first off, there are three major tiers of football: high-school football, college football, and professional football (the National Football League).High schools draw players from their general student bodies.

Concussions in other leagues Canadian Football League. In the season for the Canadian Football League, there have been 50 reported concussions; percent of players reported having a concussion or concussion-like symptoms, percent had confirmed that they had a concussion, and percent of all players who suffered from concussions that year suffered from more than one.

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FLORIDA SENATOR MARCO RUBIO TO WELCOME GUESTS TO USA FOOTBALL’S NATIONAL CONFERENCE. RFL President - Ned Ahnell and RFL VP USA Football Player Safety Coach - Guy Stefanelli attended the 5th annual USA Football National .

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