Biology coursework criteria

Doctoral Objective The program leading to the degree of Master of Science in biology is designed to provide graduate education that will prepare students for vocations in industry, government, and teaching, and to pursue further graduate education leading to the doctorate.

Biology coursework criteria

Mark Diamond Memorial Research Award: Nominees will be selected from among the graduating seniors with the highest G.

In addition to the Biology G. Greene Service Award Criteria: Nominees should be active participants and contributors to the Biology student clubs. Nominees should participate in and contribute to departmental activities and functions; e.

There is no minimum G. Nominations can come from either faculty or the student organizations of the department. Nominees should have a strong G.

Nominees should have served as officers in biology or campus organizations. Nominees may have demonstrated their leadership in other ways. Nominations can come from either faculty or students of the department. King Plant Science Award Criteria: Nominees should have plans for a post-graduate career in the plant sciences.

Biology coursework criteria

Nominees should show evidence of their interest and ability in the plant sciences. This would include the number of plant based courses they have taken, the grades earned in those courses and any independent research in the plant sciences.

Nominations can come from any faculty or student self nominations are acceptable. Nominees should have plans for a post-graduate career in environmental science or management.

Nominees should show evidence of their interest in environmental science and management. This may include their performance and number of courses that they have taken in ecological and environmental-related courses in biology or other departments.

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This may include their activity in campus environmentally related clubs. Seniors will have preference. Henry Latorella Genetics Award Qualification: Nominees should be a Biology or Biochemistry major.

Nominees should have plans for a post-graduate career in genetics related fields. Nominees should show evidence of their interest and ability in genetics.College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) students in the biology major choose one of four specializations: applied biology, biotechnology, natural science or preprofessional biology.

These specializations require significant introductory coursework and credits in general biology, calculus and/or statistics, general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics. Baccalaureate programs in marine biology can lead to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.


The programs provide students with an understanding of contemporary biological science, including cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and ecosystems ecology, along with marine biology.

Nov 20,  · A listing of the program-specific coursework used in the admission process for undergraduate transfer. A master's degree in Biology or at least 30 hours of graduate level coursework in Biology.

Biology coursework criteria

A minimum undergraduate GPA of on a scale, as calculated by the Graduate School. If an Applicant has a Master's degree, the GPA from their Bachelor's degree, as . Criterion Required Aspects Level Complete (2) Partial (1) Not at All (0) Design Formulates a focused problem/research question and identifies the relevant variables.

Formulates a problem/research question that is incomplete or identifies only some relevant variables. Does not identify a problem/research question and does not identify any relevant variables. The internal assessment requirements are the same for biology, chemistry and physics.

The internal assessment, worth 20% of the final assessment, consists of one scientific investigation. The individual investigation should cover a topic that is appropriate to the level and content of the course of study.

Ib Biology Coursework Criteria