Group 4 project water

External assessment[ edit ] Unlike other Group 4 subjects, calculators are not permitted in any computer science examination.

Group 4 project water

Edit Project Purity was created prior to the beginning of the Fallout 3 storyline. It was the ambition and dream of both the Lone Wanderer 's parents, Catherine and Jamesand other scientists, including Madison Li.

The project's goal was to turn the polluted and irradiated waters of the Potomac River into clean, potable water, thus increasing the quality of life in Capital Wasteland. The technology used was similar to Vault-Tec water filtration systems used in the vaultsbut at a much more massive scale.

It was originally supported by the Brotherhood of Steel when they first came to the Capital Wastelandwho would send knights and paladins to defend the project from super mutants and other threats in the ruins. Although the support eroded over time due to the project's lack of results and need for Brotherhood troops elsewhere, e.

Later, more soldiers would be taken from the project in an attempt to make up for soldiers lost to the Brotherhood Outcasts. This support ended indefinitely after the newborn Lone Wanderer's father James left, thus ending almost all promising research and possibility of future success.

After James' abandonment and no support from the Brotherhood, the other scientists abandoned the project, Doctor Li and presumably what was left of the team left to the nearby Rivet City. Doctor Li refused and James moved on.

Project Purity is what motivated him to eventually leave the Vault in search of a G. After finding James, it is revealed Project Purity was briefly rekindled at the Jefferson Memorialbut the location was captured by Vault 87 super mutants.

After enlisting the assistance of Doctor Li and her staff from Rivet Citythe location is cleared before the project finally resumes progress. However, the Enclave seizes the Jefferson Memorial and Colonel Autumn attempts to persuade James to cede control to them.

James refuses, and kills both himself and the Enclave soldiers with lethal doses of radiationalthough Autumn survives.

The player is forced to escort the remaining staff to the relative safety of the Citadelcontending with feral ghouls and even more Enclave soldiers. Though the Enclave managed to capture the Jefferson Memorial, a crucial component, the G.


Once the Lone Wanderer does obtain the G. President John Henry Eden asks that the Lone Wanderer install the modified FEV when they reach the Project Purity control room, which will purge the Capital Wasteland of any beings "tainted" with radiation, regardless of severity.

The Lone Wanderer battles his or her way to the control room and, after finally stopping Colonel Autumn, a final decision is posed. In the original game, as a result of James' actions, the Lone Wanderer ultimately dies if they choose to enter the control room.

However, in the downloadable content pack Broken Steel the Lone Wanderer will survive and the decision made at the purifier will have repercussions across the wasteland.

The ending that follows is shorter than the normal ending. In Broken Steel the purifier is activated, and the Brotherhood of Steel along with the security team from Rivet City begins distributing Aqua Pura purified water to the various regions of the Capital Wasteland.

In addition, the small body of water directly in front of the Jefferson Memorial the area before the bridge known as the Tidal Basin is free of radiation.

Solar Water Heating Project

Any water beyond the bridge is still irradiated as Project Purity will take some time to purify all the water in the Potomac River.Group 4 project water - commit your task to us and we will do our best for you professional scholars working in the service will accomplish your paper within the  · hey, i'm an IB physics student.

and i need ideas for an experiment! the whole point of the group 4 project is to create an experiment that relates to other science subjects, and i have to relate to biology and environmental studies. my other members come up with photosynthesis and ph level testing, but now i cant find any physics theories to relate!!!

therefore i cudnt find an experiment  · The Open Door Web Site IB BIOLOGY CHAPTERS INDEX. The page you have requested no longer exists on the Open Door Web Site.

Group 4 project water

Please use View Group 4 module 2 from FIRE at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Place Header title here 1 The water supply for this project will come from the expanded water The group wants to know if adding salt or sugar in water and freezing it would have an effect on its melting rate since salt and sugar are one of the most commonly used preservatives.

Knowing this could possibly help those in the food industry know how the salt and sugar content would affect frozen The Trinity test of the Manhattan Project was the first detonation of a nuclear weapon.

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