Proc 5850

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Proc 5850

Strikes the enemy and increases your Attack Speed for 2 turns with critical hit. Reusable in 5 turns Lv. Attacks all enemies with a spell that summons the power of wind. His defense breaks does a good job in reducing the damage from the boss, while his heals and innate tankiness can help your team survive in those dire situations.

DB10 — Not recommended. Ritesh is pretty much a sitting duck here, offering insufficient support or damage to warrant a spot in any team. NB10 — Not recommended. No multi-hits and single-target heal. If you need a defense breaker, even Belladeon would do a better job than him.

R5 — Not recommended. Element Rift Beasts — Not recommended. Ritesh is a pretty clunky monster to have here. His AoE defense break is perfect in setting up for the rest of his team, while his heal is more than enough for him to self-sustain many fights.

His 1st Skill literally packs a punch too, easily going upwards of 10k a punch on every crit on defense broken targets. His chances of proccing violents is infamous in the game, being on par with other monsters like Theomars and Perna.

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A well-runed Copper is often a great counter to Ritesh. Even then, you need to be careful of his Trick of Wind, since an unlucky defense break onto your Copper pretty much guarantees the lost on your side. His self-speed buff can easily blur the lines between a violent proc and another turn, so you best be careful.

Proc 5850

Accuracy is good to have for his debuffs. Crit Rate is also great on him to significantly boost his damage. This is a substat you should keep an eye for when runing him up. Ritesh is truly a force to be reckon with in Guild Wars and Siege Battles.

With amazingly tanky base stats, powerful HP-scaling multipliers and a strong heal on a 3-turn cooldown, Ritesh is something you should be fearful of.

And even then, Ritesh stands out among his beastly peers. Positives One of the highest base HP in the game Very useful provoke.Fort Leonard Wood Phone Numbers.

Proc 5850

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