Retrofitting and rehabilitation of civil engineering

It has been noticed that some of them proved to be inadequate to resist lateral or vertical loads by current code requirements. This may be due to poorly designed or damaged elements of buildings. Also, during the life span of a building, some of its elements may deteriorate damage or simply get older.

Retrofitting and rehabilitation of civil engineering

Concrete structures are occasionally repaired with shotcrete as well. The repair material must be compatible with the base material, project needs, technical resources available, financial constraints, and multiple other project specific criteria.

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Slab separation and joist spalling Case Study 1: Stadium Fire An arson fire occurred on an elevated level of a reinforced concrete stadium structure. After the fire department approved the area for entry, initial observations were made. The fire severely damaged the concrete in an area approximately 25 feet by 25 feet above the fire; the concrete joists were deeply spalled, the slab separated from the joists, and severe cracking was present.

The fire was intense to the extent that the seating area directly above the fire suffered heat damage Case Study 2: The steel framing was protected by a sprayed fire resistive material.

Retrofitting and rehabilitation of civil engineering

Note separation of concrete from metal deck through exploratory opening. The evaluation effort included steel hardness readings of the structural steel framing members.

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In addition, concrete cores were extracted from the floor slab where the fire occurred and in the deck directly above the fire for compression testing.

No testing was considered necessary in the adjacent room with deformed plastic due to the low temperature indication. Test results confirmed that steel hardness was in the expected range to indicate minimal heat damage to the steel frame. Concrete cores indicated that compressive strengths exceeded design requirements.

The assessment concluded that the steel frame did not require repairs. However, to prevent displacements of the separated concrete slab above the metal deck, structural repairs were required. The repairs included adding new beams to support the metal deck and the addition of grout to fill the voids between the concrete and metal deck.He has worked extensively as a voting member of the Seismic Rehabilitation Committee for the American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE 41, which is the state of the art standard for seismic evaluation and rehabilitation.

Retrofitting and Strengthening of Existing Building Foundation.

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Affiliations 1 Civil Engineering Dep., Al-Azhar University, Cairo., Egypt 2 Civil Engineering Dep. Sinai University, Faculty of Engineering, North Sinai- El Arish- El Masaid., Egypt.

Civil Engineering and Urban Planning: An International Journal (CiVEJ) Vol.3, No.2, June Repair, Rehabilitation &Retrofitting. Over a period of time, as these structures become older, we find in them certain degradation or deterioration with resultant distress manifested in the form of cracking.

Retrofitting and rehabilitation of civil engineering

Some major present preoccupations in civil engineering concern the long-term behavior of concrete structures. The designers require from those structures more and more stability in time of their mechanical, physical or chemical features.

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