Understanding partnership working essay

Analysis of Models of Partnership Working Across the Health and Social Care Sectors Four main models characterize partnership working across health and social care sectors. Firstly, organizations that intend to work in partnerships must be legal entities that are separate from each other.

Understanding partnership working essay

They will want and expect the highest level of care for their child. For example, working on specific recommendations by a speech and language therapist may assist a child with communication difficulties to engage more effectively within the setting. For the most effective results, all information must be available.

This enables different disciplines to share their skills resulting in more effective support and outcomes for the child. Working as a partnership helps to provide a consistent level of care. Identify from within your own chosen work setting three relevant partners for communication and information sharing.

Possibles Understanding partnership working essay, Supervisor, manager, a Example 1 The Manager; For communicating policy changes, health and safety issues, safeguarding issues, staff development, training needs and personnel issues b Example 2 The Play Leader; For communicating day-to-day objectives regarding implementations of the weekly plans.

Specific information regarding special requirements such as medications, pick up times, specialist diets etc. What three characteristics define an effective working partnership? Example 3 Confidentiality and access to agreed information.

List three examples of potential barriers to effective partnership working. Example 3 Use of specific language within a profession jargon.

Differing views on managing risk.

Understanding partnership working essay

Task B Questions 1. Give two reasons why clear and effective information between partners is important. To ensure that all parties are working towards the same aims and objectives.

To achieve the best outcome for the child and their family. Give one example of a conflict and one example of a dilemma that may occur when sharing information with partners.

These concerns may not be experienced in the other setting and may result in a conflict of views. What are the legal requirements for recording information?

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The recording of information is governed by the Data Protection Act Explain how communication and records are security stored to meet data protection All records are kept secured in the settings office and only available to authorized persons.

Computer records are password protected. Explain why referrals are made to different agencies and how this is one You will need to follow your policies and procedures on this one. In the example of a child having speech difficulties, the first step would be to make a record of our observation.

Then arrange a meeting with the parent to discuss our concerns. Together with the parent, we would agree an action plan. This may include contacting SalT to arrange a meeting with a speech and language therapist to investigate our findings and provide specialist advice and treatment, if needed.

Choose Type of service.Open Document. Below is an essay on "Understanding Partnership Working" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. It is important to work in partnership with others because all the agencies can share information and concerns and create a holistic view about.

When effectively communicating with one another, correctly exchanging information, sharing knowledge and understanding and accepting one another’s roles, working in partnership becomes more enjoyable, effective and consistent and is known as multi-agency working or integrated working.

Unit Understand Partnership Working 1. Identify the key features of effective partnership working A large body of experience and research provides clear evidence about many of the key determinants of successful partnerships. This essay will review various philosophies of working in partnerships in health and social care services and the barriers faced by organizations in partnership working.

It will also provide an analysis of partnership relationships within health and social care sectors. Partnership Working Essay Sample Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people.

Identify who relevant partners would be .

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