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Monday, August 27, Virtual Recipe Box Do you blog and have a ton of recipes you have posted to your blog that disappear into the archives? Here is how I have made a virtual recipe box I added to the top of my blog to solve the problem. First, go through your blog and pin all of your recipes to a board of your own. I just labeled mine "My Recipes.

Tuesday, April 17, Pinterest: A Virtual Pinboard Making the Socially Rich Richer Pinterest is a social image bookmarking service that became very popular in the last several months.

It's a pinboard style website that allows users to share and manage images or videos called pins organized in boards. Often these images link to other websites usually, to the location where the image has been taken from.

Users can re-pin images from other pinboards, like pins or comment on them. Also users can follow some or all of other users boards. To make everything even more social, there is a possibility to share pins on Facebook and Twitter.

All of this colorful service sounds quite attractive and it has proven to be as millions of users have joined the new service for the last year. Of course, business opportunities have not been overlooked by both Pinterest's owners and various other brands so, there are lots of pins linking to commercial websites.

There is nothing wrong with that though. The problem I see with Pinterest is its inclination to make the rich richer.

AR-Pinboard: An Augmented Reality (AR) Virtual Pinboard

What I mean is the following. When you pin an image or video on Pinterest there is not a section with the latest pins where everybody can see what you have just pinned. Practically your pins are visible only to the people who follow you and if you are a new user, most likely you won't have many followers.

On the other hand, older users normally would have more followers so their pins are exposed to a broader audience. The chances to get new followers are practically coming from the exposure of your pins so people that already have more followers than newer users will continue to gain more and more just because the system is in favor of them and there is not an equal chance for everyone.

There are thematic sections where everyone's new pins could get into but there is some limitation based on time or amount of pins I am not exactly sure so only a fraction of your pins could actually get there.

So it's possible the least attractive of your pins falls into these sections thus not drawing any interest to your boards.

Again, this does not make everyone equal. The last option for exposure of your image or video on Pinterest is that it becomes popular. And of course, this is again much harder for new users cause pins of users with more followers get more re-pins and likes thus having considerably greater chance of getting into the "Popular" section.

Now some of these characteristics are pretty much the same on many other social bookmarking web sites. The difference though is that most of the other websites offer "New", "Latest" or similar section so every pin, story, link or whatever has a chance to be seen by everyone.

This is not the case with Pinterest. Frankly speaking, I am not sure how this could affect Pinterest's performance and growth in the future.

My opinion is that some people could be put off cause even if the original idea of Pinterest has been to offer organization of images in the form of virtual pinboard, actually most of the people join online social services for getting exposure, connections, following or anything that could be labelled as a social activity.

Offering a very limited chance for exposure to their new users, Pinterest owners limit the social element in their experience significantly.

Whether this will be crucial for the future development of the site is something we are going to see but to me it looks like a case of an overlooked piece of functionality. Posted by John Moscow.Those users have pinned billion items on 3 billion virtual pinboards. The company is on track to top $ million in revenue this year, a 50 percent increase over last year, according to a.

This is a breakdown of one of 12 pinboard shots which we did for a documentary for the German TV Station MDR. Each of these clips was used to introduce one of the characters from the documentary with a short camera animation. To be honest, we're a little disappointed that is just a virtual pinboard for all of awesome porn you discover on the internet.

Given the tendency of Pinterest-style sites to proliferate.

Pinterest — This New Virtual Pinboard Can Help Promote Your Brand and Business

Pinterest Is A Virtual Pinboard For Ideas. Melanie Pinola. Jan 12, , am.

Virtual pinboarding

Share Share Pinterest is visually pleasing site for collecting photos and links to stuff you like and sharing them. Without the users, which this virtual pinboard website does not lack, Pinterest would be a barren wasteland. The only graphics here is the user generated content, and there is plenty of it.

Virtual pinboarding

The emphasis certainly is imagery, whereas the focus on other networking sites is often a mix of text, links, graphics, and sometimes video. Virtual library devoted to increasing knowledge about Alzheimer's and related dementias – explore Pinterest, social cataloging and social bookmarking tools.

By design, Pinterest is a collection of virtual “pinboards" of information and resources assembled by people like .

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