Why do you want to become a paralegal

The online Master of Legal Studies from American University equips students with fundamental legal training and industry-specific knowledge. Students attend online classes and an in-person immersion in Washington, D. Complete in as few as 15 months. The online Master of Legal Studies program from Pepperdine Law teaches professionals from a variety of fields the fundamental legal skills they need to better execute their law-related responsibilities.

Why do you want to become a paralegal

An interviewer, a gopher, a secretary, and a courtroom assistant. Demand for paralegals is growing.

Market Demand

Unlike many professions with similar education requirements, the industry growth for paralegals looks stable over the next eight years. WIth relatively short education and certification tracks, you can quickly take advantage of the opportunities being a paralegal provides.

A new paralegal has some control over their opportunities, as learning some more advanced computer and database management skills can make you stand out among the crowd of applicants. Paralegals make it so lawyers can function, but law firms depend on quality, skillful, and organized paralegals to make their important work flow smoothly, quickly, and efficiently.

A good paralegal more than makes up for his or her salary through that efficiency of process. Develop your processes, learn new skills that can be applied to your field as a paralegal, and make sure that your efforts are felt and you will have all the all of the job security you could want.

Education Requirements Many careers have significant barriers to entry. Four years of school with mountains of debt, certifications and licenses for each step and skill, and significant experience measured in years needed to establish yourself and make a reasonable salary.

To be a paralegal is different.

Why do you want to become a paralegal

It generally requires a two-year educational program and a single certification to get started. This means paralegals have a shorter runway and quicker launch time compared to other occupations in its range. With less debt and fewer years sitting idle, waiting to make a salary, there is less opportunity cost.

A paralegal can get a jump on his or her peers and start establishing their career and earning raises. Salary Salary is a big consideration in any profession, paralegals included.

You can make the most out of your salary by moving to a larger city, as well as positioning yourself for hire at larger and more lucrative legal firms.

This places an average paralegal earner in a good pay bracket. Testing the waters of the legal field by working as a paralegal will give you all of the insight you need into the job a lawyer performs.

Not only that, training and working as a paralegal will give you insights into the field of law that will help you with your undergraduate degree and in law school should you decide to pursue it. Either way, to become a paralegal is a valuable path to tread. Just like any field, there is a limitless variety of law firms, district offices, NGOs, nonprofit organizations, and corporations to choose from.

Each will have its own personality and office culture, each will have unique foci and clients, and each will have its own set of goals and rewards. You could work in environmental law and try to save a portion of the planet.

You could work in IP law and help people create, defend, and utilize patents effectively. You could help a nonprofit that protects civil liberties or you could help a DA process criminal prosecution and support innocent victims.

As you see, to become a paralegal is to have more options than you might know what to do with. If you like to have flexibility in your employment, or even if you have your heart set on a certain industry or field, a paralegal degree can help you get there.

Why do you want to become a paralegal

Variety Variety is the spice of life, so they say. The paralegal profession offers tons of variety day-to-day and week-to-week. Courtroom Experiences Deciding to become a paralegal will put you into the courtroom from time to time. Supporting the acting lawyers is crucial, and often you will be tasked to manage paperwork and other communications real-time during proceedings.

This means that you may, on occasion, be instrumental in some important aspect of the case, or even have a pivotal role in influencing the outcome of the case in question. Some paralegals discuss these shining moments as the ones they remember the most keenly as time passes. They relish those few proud moments as ones that defined their career.

High Paced Work If you love a fast-paced environment, you might want to become a paralegal. Time will tick by faster than you think, deadlines will find you before you find them.

A paralegal needs to act like a well-oiled machine to keep up, to support the lawyers and clients, and to make sure everything is in order for court.

Challenging Work Paralegal work can be challenging at times. You may have to act as a computer, sorting and cross-referencing data. You may have to act as a liaison to the client and keep them in constant communication regarding the status of the process.

You may even have to keep the peace within the office as pressure mounts and deadlines loom.Ignore the nightmarish Hollywood depictions of internships a la The Devil Wear’s Prada—you should wholeheartedly pursue an internship during college and/or over the urbanagricultureinitiative.com?

For one thing, employers overwhelmingly point to internship experience as one of the most important factors they consider in hiring new college graduates for full . In a largely unregulated profession with few state licensing or registration requirements, professional certification has become the standard of excellence that many paralegals strive for and that many employers demand.

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20 Reasons to Become a Paralegal